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Hebrew versus Greek – How do you think?

I wonder if you are aware of what you think and why it’s important? Join the free Christian Sensory Support private Facebook group Well, if we look at our worldviews and what we think of ourselves and our disabilities, struggles, children, issues, marriage, then whether

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3 tips to survive Christmas!

If this is the most stressful time of year for you and there are more meltdowns per day than usual – the good news is you are not alone, and the best news is that that are loads of strategies to help! These are tried

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He is Risen! Easter Sensory Fun

No matter what this season has brought you, the blessing of forgiveness and new life remains. We celebrate His resurrection to remember to the pain and suffering our Savior endured at the Cross, and to praise Him for His gift of salvation. Because of His

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What is Sensory Processing?

What Is Sensory Processing? All around us exists a world that’s begging to be explored. We’re blessed to have many senses that make enjoying this world a possibility, although for some people, having these senses can be overwhelming. This can be due to what’s known

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Sensory Play at Home

There may be times when we aren’t able to do regular OT, and this time is one of them! Let’s keep calm and get creative with some fun activities to do at home that will keep your child engaged. Ah, but this isn’t another list of

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