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He is Risen! Easter Sensory Fun

No matter what this season has brought you, the blessing of forgiveness and new life remains. We celebrate His resurrection to remember to the pain and suffering our Savior endured at the Cross, and to praise Him for His gift of salvation. Because of His wounds, we are healed.

It can be hard in these times of practising social distancing to experience the same fun and joy on Easter that we had expected. Let’s stay positive and hopeful in these trying times. Showing kindness and calmness in the chaos is the simplest way to give thanks to God for His greatest gift.

Why not make use of old Easter supplies by doing some fun sensory activities! Here are some ideas to get started:

1: Make a sensory basket.

You’ve probably heard of a sensory bin, but why not put those baskets to another use? In a wide based basket, go ahead and place in some decorative grass along with some other items like marbles, beads, or other small things. Let your child explore the basket and feel each object.

2: Make a cotton ball lamb and bunny.

Gather some cotton balls, glue, and a sheet of paper. Guide your child to make a large oval of cotton calls. If you can find the time, I’d recommend making a model to work from before presenting the project to your child. They might also enjoy exploring your sheep or bunny instead, and that’s okay!

3: Make egg shakers.

Gather up those plastic eggs and fill them with rice or beads. Have fun shaking to a beat. Let your child lead by making their own noises and patterns.

4: Make a guessing game.

Instead of putting object that are obviously noisy inside the plastic eggs, try some a cotton ball, wad of wool, or even a small sock. Make some noisy and some quiet “shakers” and let your child open them after guessing what’s inside.

5: Make a water bin.

In a plastic bin with a thin layer of water, place some rice, beads, any anything else you are comfortable with allowing your child to get wet, inside the bin. Add in some open and some closed plastic eggs for your child to experiment with.

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