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What is Sensory Integration?

Sensory Integration Sensory integration is the organisation of sensations within the body for use. Our senses help us to understand the physical conditions of our body and the environment surrounding us. The sensations are transferred into the brain every moment of every day. The senses don’t just come from our eyes and ears but from every other place in our body, that’s

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Last week I was trying to help my 9-year-old son set up his xbox for a new game. He was frustrated, and wouldn’t accept my help – but neither could he fix the issue himself. That lunchtime I told him and his brother a story.

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Visual Timetables

Oh how I wish I had known about visual timetables when our children first arrived!  Then, they were just a rather technical phrase for something used by therapists and social workers for non-verbal children on the autistic spectrum…surely not relevant to us?  So we struggled

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Saying ‘Sorry’

‘Sorry’ is probably one of the first words we teach our toddlers…but have we ever really stopped to consider what this word means, both to us and our children?  Is it helpful? What are they learning about relationships from this word? Is ‘sorry’ a helpful

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