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What is the Vestibular System?

Understanding the Vestibular System and Its Disorders Each day, our bodies engage in a series of functions we don’t really consciously think much about. For example, our hearts beat on their own, we breathe without making any effort, and we keep our balance without trying.

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What is Proprioception?

NOTE: technical blog!!  What Is Proprioception? It’s said that we have five basic senses: touch, smell, hearing, sight, and taste. Yet there’s a sixth sense (and more!) that’s often recognised as such because it’s just as important as those other five. It’s known as proprioception.

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Homeschooling a Sensory Child

Homeschooling a Sensory Child: What You Need to Know Most people think the school environment is the best place for a child. But what if it isn’t? What if your child isn’t thriving? What if you have different priorities in life to the school? What

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Parenting with Purpose

Parenting With Purpose Parenting is a journey with many things to discover. As parents, we love our children, and no one knows our kids are better than we do. We know their weaknesses and strengths. We know their gifts and talents. We know them well.

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Raising a Confident Child

Raising a Confident Child To raise a confident child is to build their self-esteem – who they are in Christ. How do you build a child’s self-esteem? Model what you want to see, encourage and empower through the words you speak onto them, and your

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Distraction and Lack of Focus

Distraction and Lack of Focus There are many reasons why children are easily distracted. When children do not get enough sleep, they can be easily distracted. Also, when children are experiencing stress and anxiety, this can be a factor that affects their ability to focus,

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Meltdown SOS!

“Meltdown SOS! Survival toolkit” Does your child or loved one have really frequent mega-meltdowns? Are you all exhausted by them? We have often been so exhausted by our children’s frequent meltdowns that we have been simply unable to think straight about long term solutions because

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