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The Power of Auditory Training

You might have heard suggestions such as playing Mozart for infants while they play or even as they sleep, but did you know that Auditory Training is a much more targeted and focused exercise that can benefit all ages? Children, teens, and adults who face

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Did God Make Disabilities?

Did God Make Disabilities? Seeking the Truth One thing that has become increasingly popular in our world is the need to find a label for everything. A label for what decade a person was born, a term for what sub-culture your music is associated with,

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10 Christian Parenting Tips for Sensory Super-Heroes

10 Christian Parenting Tips for Sensory Super-Heroes Why can’t we just use traditional parenting methods instead of sensory parenting? This question can have several different meanings depending on the person who is asking it. A bystander at the market or restaurant may be wondering why

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God Made the Senses: Bible Verses and Activities

God Made the Senses: Bible Verses and Activities Getting kids to participate in bible studies can be challenging, and with younger children with sensory processing issues it can be that much more difficult. Let’s look at some ways to incorporate God into some engaging sensory

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Self-Care Chronicles – Bathing

Self-Care Chronicles: Bathing Bath-time is one of those things that can look lovely in pictures. Seeing a child enjoying a rubber ducky covered in bubbles or running around in an animal shaped towel just after getting clean—these are the things that sell the best soap.

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Self-Care Chronicles – Brushing teeth

Self-Care Chronicles: Brushing Teeth Welcome to another entry into the Self-Care Chronicles. Today we will talk about brushing teeth and oral hygiene for people with sensory processing issues. Making sure to care for even these small areas can improve many other aspects of your loved

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Self-Care Chronicles – Getting Dressed

Self-Care Chronicles: Getting Dressed No matter the age, getting dressed for a child can be a hassle. Oftentimes children, in general, are particular or afraid of the routine. Then add sensory processing issues and getting dressed together: now we have a bigger problem that can

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Self-Care Chronicles – Toileting

Self-Care Chronicles: Potty Training and Toileting Perhaps you knew that potty-training was going to be an issue. For any parent is can be discouraging to watch those Pinterest-perfect mothers successfully train their children to potty on their own in such a short amount of time. It

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