Sensory Health Coach

About Me

Thank you for wanting to know a little bit more, so here we are:

Work Life

I work in three main areas:
  • With parents and family members who would value being trained, equipped and supported to bring out the best in their children.
  • With adults that would appreciate knowing their own sensory processing patterns and learning how to manage them best.
  • As a training resource and consultant for those in education, clubs, and business.

What My Clients are Saying

Having a child with sensory processing disorder can feel very lonely and isolating. My son had regular meltdowns and would frequently follow me around the home screaming and hitting me. We also live in a small apartment and it was challenging to think of creative ways to meet his sensory needs. Being part of this community has increased my confidence to parent in the way that my son needs. As a result he is a happier, more settled little boy. The number of meltdowns has reduced and when he does have a meltdown I have the confidence to guide him through them. I am grateful for all the support I have received and know that it has impacted my family for the better!

Anti-Discrimination Practice

I love to work with people of all ages, faiths, disabilities, gender, colours, nationalities, creeds and any other differences we might find amongst ourselves. We are all created uniquely, individually, and everyone one of us matters!

Amazon.com Best Selling Author

Author of 4 books on Amazon: 7 Keys to Successful Sensory Processing: KEY 1 Understanding the Senses, Raising a Sensory Child with Ease, Homeschooling a Sensory Child with Ease, and Home Educating a Sensory Child with Ease.

Wife and Home Educating Mum

Happily married since 1995 to a husband with MS and a Homeschooling mum with 21+ years experience of raising a family.

Certified KBA Coach

A coach for an international association of “Kingdom-minded” business owners and marketplace leaders.

Member of RCOT and HCPC

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists RCOT and Health Care Professions Council HCPC play a crucial role in promoting the standards of professional therapy staff in the UK.

OT Qualifications

BSc Degree with Distinction in Occupational Therapy. PG Dip in Sensory Integration with Commendation. Certified Advanced Practitioner - Sensory Integration Specialist Ayres SI Therapist and mentor.

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